50lb Aluminium Komodo Pistol Crossbow

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50lb Aluminium Komodo Pistol Crossbow.


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The ‘Komodo’ is an Anglo Arms made pistol crossbow with 50lb draw weight producing a bolt speed of 150 feet per second. This crossbow has a 5″ power stroke. The crossbow features adjustable sights and an auto safety catch that engages when the crossbow is cocked. The range of this crossbow is approximately 100m.

The body is made from Aluminium (plastic crossbow version available also with a metal limb. The crossbow measures 12.8 inches by 16.5 inches (32cm x 42cm).

This crossbow fires our 6.5″ bolts (either plastic or aluminium) 5 plastic bolts are included with the crossbow.

This is Not a Toy and can be very dangerous if misused. Make sure you have a clear background. These pistol crossbows are very powerful for their size and are extremely good fun when used sensibly.

  • 50lb Draw Weight
  • 5″ Power Stroke
  • 150 FPS
  • Plastic Body
  • Metal Limb
  • Auto Safety
  • Dimensions 12.8″ x 16.5″
  • Weight: 650g
  • Range: 100m
  • Spare Strings available.
  • 5 Bolts Included

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Do Not cock or load until you are ready to fire
Do Not dry fire (without a bolt) This may damage your crossbow
Do Not use with damaged string
Never ever point your crossbow at any person or animal (loaded or not it doesn’t feel nice)