Acta Non Verba

Actions, Not Words

Acta Non Verba, a Latin phrase meaning “deeds, not words”, or “Actions not words” depending who you ask. They’re a Czech company, who’s main aim is to produce exceptional knives that will show you how good they are through their deeds, and not their (or our) word alone. But, you don’t need to take our word for it! These knives have a proven track record. Plus, ANV have a history of getting things right.

The Czech Republic

Born in the Czech Republic, ANV produce knives designed to exacting standards and with absolutely cutting-edge performance in mind. They focus on using premium materials paired with modern super-steels to produce knives that are unlike anything else.

Acta Non Verba – Military Endorsement

Acta Non Verba knives are used by the Czech armed forces. It follows then, that most of their knives come with molle compatible sheaths. In addition to all the bells and whistles that make their knives excellent. Clearly, if they’re good enough for the military, they’re good enough for us.

These are exceptional outdoor tools. They ship sharp, stay sharp and just work. We find they can handle just about any camping task that you can throw at them. Gardening, bushcraft and just about any other task is handled with ease.  Further, for survival situations, there isn’t much better than an ANV knife. Acta Non Verba knives are the best of the best – choose yours today!

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