Loyalty Points

We have a high repeat customer rate at Knifewarehouse.co.uk so we are very keen on keeping our customers happy, coming back and building their collection with us. So, we offer reward points for your much-appreciated loyalty.

Every purchase you make on Knife warehouse earns you back a big 5% in reward points. So, for every pound spent you earn 5 reward points. Each point is worth a penny, so every 100 points = £1 for you to redeem on another purchase. For example, if you bought products for £100 you will automatically receive £5 of store credit in the form of reward points.

On checkout the website will ask you if you wish to use any or all of your points, you can save them up for a nice treat or just use part of them on checkout.

You will also receive 10 bonus points for every product review you submit through our website, a great way of building them up while you build your collection.

Your reward points are valid for 1 year.

Keep an eye out for our promotional emails as every now and then we do Double Reward Points.