World War 2 Replica SS Dagger

World War 2 Replica SS Dagger

Own a piece of history with this intricate replica SS Dagger


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Used by the Third Reich the SS dagger was an honour weapon given during an award ceremony. This ceremony was conducted in accordance to strict procedures designed by Himmler.

The dagger was a sidearm worn by all full members of the SS, it’s design was based on the 16th century Swiss dagger. The iconic “Meine Ehre heißt  Treue” is etched on the 21.5cm blade and the handle is black inlaid withthe sliver NSDAP eagle and the SS symbol.

The purpose of the dagger was to defend the honour of the wearer and the wearer’s family. In fact in November 1935 Himmler decreed that “every SS man has the right and duty to defend his honour with the weapon.”

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