Spare String with End Caps for 175lb Rifle Crossbows

A spare string for 175lb rifle crossbows. Will fit Anglo Arms Panther and Jaguar bows as well as anything else of a similar size.


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A spare string to fit any of our 175lb rifle crossbows, made by Anglo Arms and predominantly designed for the Jaguar and Panther crossbow models. They will work with just about any 175lb rifle crossbow with a similar length limb.

The strings are made from multiple fibres wound together into one component. We highly recommend you keep these well waxed to ensure they stay together, doing so can significantly extend the lifespan of each string!

Always handy to have a spare as faulty or frayed strings can cause damage to your crossbow and will eventually snap. With 175lbs stored in that bow limb it’s not something you want to have happen!

Each string comes with a pair of limb end caps that provide a rounded smooth surface for the string to sit in, keeping them in top condition for much longer.

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