1045 Medium Carbon Steel Raw Golan Katana

Sharp, affordable katana from Golan’s brand new range of hand forged swords. This model in a rough, more battle worn look.



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Introducing another epic Golan Katana – a truly beautiful Japanese sword made with traditional craftsmanship. This hand-forged katana, crafted from folded steel, undergoes a meticulous process that removes impurities, leaving only the purest and finest quality steel. The blade is a result of relentless hammering and heating until perfection is achieved, followed by a quenching process for optimal hardness.

The wooden handle is adorned with genuine Stingray skin (Samekawa) and wrapped in the traditional cotton handle wrapping (Tsukamaki), providing both authenticity and a secure grip. This katana is not just a sword; it’s a work of art that captures the essence of time-honored craftsmanship. Even details down to the rough cord wrap on the sheath and the raw iron of the handguard shout attention to detail.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Golan Katana, where every detail tells a story of dedication and skill. Elevate your collection with a blade that embodies the spirit of ancient traditions.


Overall Length: 102.5cm
Blade Length: 71cm
Handle Length: 27cm
Blade Width: 3.2cm
Blade Thickness: 0.75cm
Blade Material: Hand Forged 1045 Steel
Handle Material: Wood
Blade Hardness: HRC 45
Saya Material: Hard Wood
Tsuba Material: Zinc Alloy
Fittings Material: Zinc Alloy
Sageo Material: Natural String


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