Rainbow Training Balisong Butterfly Knife

A safe, unsharpenable training Balisong / butterfly ‘knife’.


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Completely blunt and unsharpenable training Balisong knife. Extremely fun to practice flipping, and much, much safer than a sharp knife. The two handles rotate freely around the central blade, which means there are hundreds of ways to flick, twist and flourish this training tool open.

The not-a-blade measures 3.25 inches in length and comes with a blunted tip and drilled blade to ensure it can never be sharpened. It’s made from stainless steel to realistically imitate the weight of the knife version. The entire piece is coated in an almost iridescent rainbow finish which catches the light when swung, further enhancing the flipping’ action.

Also made from stainless steel, the handles are well balanced and carry enough weight to flick around quickly when opened. Overall the not-a-knife measures 9 inches and comes with a cool engraved spider pattern running down the handles. Really great fun to play with.

  • Total Length: 9″ (22.9cm)
  • Imitation Blade Length: 3.5″ (8.9cm)
  • Butterfly Style Opening
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Unsharpenable Trainer
  • Shiny Rainbow Finish
  • Engraved Handle Pattern


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