Predator Style Movie Replica Knife

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This is a large, heavyweight replica of the knife from the classic 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger film Predator.


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This is a large, heavyweight replica of the knife from the classic 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger film Predator.
Arnie is seen with this knife (machete really) as the character Major “Dutch” Schaeffer. The knife has a thick, heavy and sharp blade.  The knife is very heavy in fact weighing 1.015kg and measures in at over 20 inches. The knife is full tang, well built and comes with a thick nylon case.

  • Total Length: 20.25″ (52cm)
  • Blade Length: 15″ (38cm)
  • Weight: 1.015kg (2.4oz)
  • Nylon Sheath with Belt Loop
  • 440 Stainless Steel

This knife is a very cool replica, so chunky, well built and heavy. A great addition to anyone’s knife or movie memorabilia collection.

Additional information

Weight 1150 kg

52 reviews for Predator Style Movie Replica Knife

  1. Paul (verified owner)

    Beautiful! Love it, heavy and quality. Highly recommend

  2. Ben (verified owner)

    Awesome movie replica knife. Harvey weight construction and great quality too. I was particularly impressed with the quality of the etching on the blade. A must for Arnie fans.

  3. Thomas (verified owner)

    A very nice replica of the machete from the predator movie this would look great in any collection I’m very happy with the quality

  4. Max (verified owner)

    Absolute monster of a thing, well built and hefty, pretty sharp too, looks awesome!

  5. stevenhellawell (verified owner)

    can hardly lift the twat up, what a piece of kit. this is a collectors item.

  6. Knifecollector (verified owner)

    Monster of a knife

  7. Knifecollector (verified owner)

    It’s a bargain to buy it now

  8. kenny (verified owner)

    great for opening letters and cutting string well pleased

  9. Bernard Rowley (verified owner)

    A real beast of a blade !!!.. Heavy piece of kit, an absolute must for movie buffs or collectors…

  10. Marcus Actie (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this monster of a blade! Pictures and videos do it no justice at all, you need to feel it in your own hand to realise the BEAST this thing is!! Excellent quality and impeccable delivery

    Any collector has got to have this!

  11. aaron chater (verified owner)

    arny makes this knife look small. crocodile dundee would feel ashamed.

  12. John Wilcock (verified owner)

    Fantastic knife awesome

  13. iain mcmurray (verified owner)

    Amazing knife, very large and heavy, fantastic way to honour the film

  14. Jamie Langton (verified owner)

    Really good value for the money good quality and fast shipping time am happy

  15. Alan Moran (verified owner)

    Love this and as said previously, ‘what a beast’ I must correct the description though, as it was NOT Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character ‘Dutch’ who carried this blade in the Movie, Predator, it was Sonny Landham’s Character ‘BILLY’ Great Piece and considering, I have seen this on another website for £100, We got us a bargain here.

  16. Tony Picksley (verified owner)

    Pictures certainly don’t do this knife justice and the weight of it wow, it’s definitely a bargain for the price.

  17. Ryan (verified owner)

    It’s an awesome blade, got some weight to it. Definitely recommended, it’s a good one in any collection and doesn’t fail to impress people who see it.

  18. Adam Burton (verified owner)

    Beast of a knife.

  19. Charlotte Bailey (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic knife. The only problem is the pictures of the knife don’t do it justice but when you hold it in your hand it’s amazing. Heavy and well built and sharp. I don’t know why people would want to sharpen it anymore than it is and risk wrecking it it’s sharp enough unless your chopping a oak tree down! It’s double the price on other websites so get

  20. Craig Mcgonigle (verified owner)

    Pictures do it no justice, best knife iveseen in a long time

  21. Mike smith (verified owner)

    Amazing knife, As other folks are saying,Heavy! you won’t regret adding this to your collection, Very happy 🙂

  22. Lee Bentley (verified owner)

    Huge, heavy and solid. This bad boy sure looks and feels the part.

  23. Rachel Armstrong (verified owner)

    Big heavy nice addition to the collection and great fast delivery

  24. Corey Bragan (verified owner)

    I just bought one of these knifes just now! I cant wait to get it in my arms!

  25. Thomas Jansson (verified owner)

    The heaviest knife l have bought on knifewarestore. Nice shape but not so well balanced

  26. Daniel Omar Martinez Estrella (verified owner)

    Greate Machete, like the movie . when you had in your hands you feel like Billy or Dutch.

  27. Frédéric Miniutti (verified owner)

    The knife I’ve been searching for since I saw the movie in 1987… You have to take it in your hand to feel the monster this knife is. Thanks knifewarehouse for the service and the good quality of your products, five stars is not enough !!! Buy it with your eyes closed…!

  28. Lorna Rae (verified owner)

    Great for the price!

  29. Alan Paterson (verified owner)

    Not often I get something with a grip large enough for my hamhoch mitts but this has plenty, oh and omg it’s a beast lovely.

  30. JOHN MURRAY (verified owner)

    A helluva lot of knife for the money!!! Delivery was swift. You really have to see this knife in person to appreciate the sheer size and quality you get for such a small price. Highly recommended, especially if you are a Predator fan!!!!

  31. Leslie andrew Ward (verified owner)

    Awesome knife . Great quality. And great service from knifewarehouse.

  32. Malcolm Austin (verified owner)

    Excellent knife/machete weighs a tonne needs Sony Landham or Arnold Schwarzenegger to battle the Predator with it – Very good we’ll worth buying

  33. Luciano Marcuz (verified owner)

    Arrivato in 4 giorni
    Grande coltello ti senti nella giungla

  34. Jan Drabik (verified owner)

    Great thing. “MUST HAVE” in any knife collection.

  35. David Symss (verified owner)

    An absolute beast of a knife! It’s more a machete than a knife really, and the size and weight is the mutts! Love it.

  36. scott coupe (verified owner)

    one of my oldest knives from knife warehouse, and what a weighty boy this is! Love the attention to detail on the engraving and even the factory grind is pleasantly sharp for a display piece. Cannot argue with the quality 🙂

  37. Barry Jones (verified owner)

    Awesome machete great service again thanks knifewarehouse ️

  38. Philippe Herman (verified owner)

    This huge piece will make you feel like Schwarzy ready for a predator, it’s not expensive, delivered fast and cuts real good, get it !

  39. Adrian Hughes (verified owner)

    Came today. What a beast. Nice sharp blade. Handle perfect for me. Could chop down trees. Very nice.

  40. Richard Low (verified owner)

    1st of all I would like to point out that this blade is used by 3 different people in Predator, Arnie pins the guy to the beam and says “stick around” then when their making the predator traps Poncho is using it to cut vines and then of course Billy uses it on the bridge, What a blade i can hardly get my paw around the handle and i have quite large paws , Could do with a better edge (which it will get) One of the best in my collection now and i got it for under 30 quid as i had some points to cash in, GRAB IT NOW or you will regret it, Excellent service from Knife Warehouse as always (Glad someone is still selling to collectors in fascist Britain where you can’t buy anything these days) .

  41. Michael Ian Alves dos Santos Gomes (verified owner)

    It’s the best machete I’ve ever seen in my life. I went on a trip to my uncle’s farm and cut down some trees like banana trees and everyone who saw it was surprised. He will help me a lot in my camping and traveling adventures and he is very handsome, has an excellent footprint, has a good weight, has a nice military style and cuts very well indeed. He is a unique blade even different from other knives and his knife warehouse price is practically free. Anyway I am more than satisfied and congratulations to the knife warehouse for their service to people, and the predator movie will always be my favorite.

  42. Steven Longhurst (verified owner)


  43. Adrian Reed (verified owner)

    Awesome bit of kit. A welcome addition to the collection. Very heavy and a quality built knife

  44. Dan Pritchard (verified owner)

    Great knife, good value for Money

  45. Ben Duffin (verified owner)

    A monster of a blade, iconic from the first Predator film, plus it makes a small appearance in ‘Predators’ when Royce beheads one of the hunter dog alien thingies. Excellent one to add to a collection!

  46. Tony Marriott (verified owner)

    Have just received this piece today – stunning quality to say the least and the weight is perfect. Exceptional value for money. I also went for the £20 lucky dip, I received 2, yes 2 fantastic knives. Will be adding to my collection again very soon. Great service, Many thanks

  47. Andrew Ellis (verified owner)

    Like all other reviews this is just a fabulous knife wonderfully heavy and well made. Not for the faint hearted. Great stuff

  48. Gareth Cooper (verified owner)

    What a beast. You know you have this in your hand. Very heavy with great build quality. Makes the Rambo knives look puny. A great addition to any collection.

  49. Paul Brown (verified owner)

    I bought this knife last year sometime and thought about giving it a 4 star. Since then I have actually used it on a few camping trips. How wrong could I be…… while we were away I used it for cooking, preparing animals i had just shot like rabbits, pheasants etc to cook, used it to cut through brush while we were walking and even used it to cut through small pieces of wood for the fire. After all that it still has its edge and is easy to sharpen up again for the next adventure. When I first bought it I think I was being a bit of a judgeyass lol! I think I’m going to have to buy another one to put up in my collection be cause I am loving using this every trip we go on. Friends all want one now to so look out KnifeWarehouse, I think you will be getting a run of orders on this knife really soon ⚔
    Dont delay on getting this knife, it’s awesome to just look at in a collection but I have also found it to be a very practical knife to use on our camping holidays. Sure I look a bit like Jason from Friday the 13th walking around the woods with this in my hand, all I need is the hockey mask lmao!!
    Anyhoo! Just get one, it will not disappoint you,

  50. Janusz Cholewinski (verified owner)

    Wow that’s no a knife that’s a machine heavy beautiful sharp amazing

  51. skisbey (verified owner)

    Fantastic knife and looks better in person it blows you away the size and quality. It’s a must have .

  52. John Tinsley (verified owner)

    Beast, I can’t say anymore. You swing this thing and the next country is going to hear it. The photos don’t do it justice. Monster of a knife. Thank you Joe, as always a pleasure to be a customer!

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