Man Kung 150lb Recurve Crossbow

Extremely powerful beginners crossbow with recurve limb.



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Man Kung

Man Kung, part of Mirito Outdoor B.V and founded by Alle Hooghiemstra in 2012 have focused on producing outdoor products since their humble beginnings. Primarily focused on Europe, they’re now producing more and more equipment for the UK market. Finally, we have some of their Archery bows for your enjoyment!

This is a fantastic beginners crossbow! It’s high power, but within most adults ability to draw reliably – and capable of launching bolts at up to 210 feet per second (FPS)! It’s a minimalist rifle style crossbow with simple, reliable and easy to maintain design.

The body of the bow is made from black lightweight aluminium, it’s skeletonised to reduce weight and help with accuracy. It includes a polymer foregrip that’s much more comfortable than bare aluminium and much warmer to hold onto in colder weather.

The bow limb is made from extremely durable fibreglass and comes with end-caps to protect the string. It’s recurve in design, a clever bit of ancient engineering that allows more power from shorter bow limbs. Most suitable for use with 20 inch aluminium bolts, this crossbow is a capable beast and most suitable for experienced archers looking to jump into crossbows.

  • Draw Weight: 150lbs / 68kg
  • Bow Weight: 2.15kg
  • Bow Length: 86cm
  • Power Stroke: 10.5″
  • Stock: Polymer Composite
  • Colour: Black & Camo
  • Velocity: 210FPS  or 64m/s
  • Aluminium Barrel
  • Fibreglass Limbs


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