Historical Replica Hitler Youth Knife

Historical Replica Hitler Youth Knife

A perfect replica of the Hitler Youth hiking knife from a time when bush-craft met with political ideology


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The Hitler Youth hiking knife was supplied to young German boys at the age of 10 and was to represent certain values and a specific ideology. Bearing the inscription “Blut und Ehre” (Blood and Honour) the knife was a rite of passage for young German boys at the time.

Bush-craft, self reliance and being part of a larger community was a big part of the ideology being imparted into the Hitler youth. This knife could be said to be a physical representation of this.

At the time there was some reservation from mothers as to whether it was appropriate for boys aged 10 to be owning such a knife. However the allure of the knife was certain to capture most young boy’s imagination. For a young boy of the time it was a symbol of unity within a group of peers and a chance for independence from paternal bonds into a new bond of brotherhood of state.

If you understand History and it’s dramas, whilst being aware of their reflections in the days today then perhaps owning this replica knife will spark your imagination and be a conversation piece for your collection.


  • Stainless steel blade: 15.5cm
  • Handle with Swastika inlay: 11cm
  • Black sheath


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