Handmade Japanese Warrior Katana Sword

Japanese warrior / Samurai themed katana / sword with gorgeous design on the sheath and handguard.



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This handmade Japanese Samurai Warrior katana is another from our impressively low cost and affordable sword range. Luckily it’s traditionally hand forged and thus exempt from the ban on swords over 50cm with curved blades. Undeniably a factor when choosing a sword!

It’s well balanced, sharp and ready to use. You’ll find it excellent in hand and a dream to use. We always recommend milk cartons filled with water for an easy way to start test cutting. Of course, that’s at your own risk. Still, it’s a lot of fun!

The awesome Japanese sword blade

This Japanese warrior katana comes with a 72cm medium carbon steel blade. The sword measures 102cm overall with a 7mm thick spine. Notably this means it’ll reduce bending if your swing isn’t perfect. The blade includes a fuller or ‘bo-hi’ in Japanese that will whistle when swung with perfect alignment. You’ll find that the distinctive wire brushed faux hamon adds to the authentic appearance of this Japanese sword. If you’re looking for an impressive display item, that doubles as a functional sword – this is the piece for you.

Close up of the Japanese Warrior Katana Sword Blade

To keep you your hands safe, a traditional Japanese Samurai katana warrior design ‘tsuba’ or handguard is placed between the handle (‘tsuka’) and the blade which matches the design on the sheath nicely. The handle is suitable for both single and dual handed use and comes complete with traditional black cotton handle wrap over faux ‘same’ rayskin. It’s comfortable and grippy yet won’t cause any hot spots over time. The handle is double pinned onto the full tang of the blade too. No detail has been missed!

A black shiny lacquered sheath keeps the blade safe while not in use. Plus it’s finished with a rather¬†impressive Japanese warrior / Samurai design that includes the famous Japanese rising sun. It comes with the traditional securing cord known as a sageo too for where the Samurai would attach the sword to their belt.


Total Length: 102 cm
Blade Length: 72 cm
Thickness: 7cm
Material: Medium Carbon Steel
Fittings: Brass / Zinc Alloy
Traditionally Hand Forged
Black Lacquered Sheath with Samurai Warrior Design


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