Hand Made Blossom Japanese Katana Sword

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Handmade Japanese blossom katana / sword with decorative sheath, fuller and faux ray skin handle.



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If you’ve ever fancied yourself a Samurai, or really just loved the look of Japanese swords. The new blossom katana might be for you. As a handmade sword it’s exempt from the laws prohibiting curved blades over 50cm in length. Thus, you can quite happily own, swing, admire and chop things with this beauty. Milk cartons filled with water make.. exceptional cutting targets!

The Sword Blade (Blossom Katana)

The sword measures 1.02m in length overall and comes with a high quality low polish medium carbon steel blade. The blade is 72cm long, includes a fuller or ‘bo-hi’ in Japanese and a wire

Blossom Katana sword blade showing fuller / bo-hi and false hamon.

brushed differential hardness line or ‘Hamon’ in Japanese. While a lot of people mistakenly call the fuller/bo-hi a blood groove, it’s actually got nothing to do with that. However, when you swing the sword just right the groove will whistle indicating a perfectly aligned cut. Further, the grooves actually serves to lighten the blade and make it more rigid and resistant to bending. It’s win-win.

The handle on this sword is full tang, with double bamboo pegs or ‘mekugi’ in Japanese that secure the grip onto the blade. The sword comes with a traditional looking handle made with faux ‘same’ ray-skin and a cotton cord wrap. It’s comfortable, and of a perfect length for most users to hold. In addition, the handle features a traditional Japanese ‘tsuba’ or handguard finished with a simple blossom design.

For the sheath or ‘saya’ in Japanese, we have a traditional wooden design with high shine black lacquer finish. In the centre of the sheath there is also a gorgeous red blossom design that matches the notes found on the handguard and lives up to the sword’s name. It’s finished with a black cotton cord or ‘sageo’ in Japanese that the Samurai would traditionally wrap around their belt or ‘obi’ to keep the sword in place. The blossom katana is a gorgeous and inexpensive entry into the world of Japanese swords.


Total Length: 102 cm
Blade Length: 72 cm
Handle Length: 30 cm
Blade Thickness: 7.2 cm
Blade Hardness: HRC 58
Furniture: Brass & Zinc Alloy
Features: Bo-Hi & Faux Hamon

1 review for Hand Made Blossom Japanese Katana Sword

  1. Giles Meredith (verified owner)

    Is it a Hattori Hanzō sword? Of course not it is only a few quid and it shows here and there. But, it is also not a display sword. It is sharp, attractive and very pleasing. Overall given this style of sword needs to be handmade to be legal in the UK (it comes with a certificate of authentication) it is well worth the money.

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