Golan Roman Gladius Sword

Roman gladius style short sword with decorative furnishings.


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This is an ornate, decorative stainless steel sword, similar in design to the Gladius swords wielded by Roman soldiers. The blade is 22 inches in length, with patterns etched into the steel running down between the handle and point. It comes with decorative silver coloured embellishments on the handle’s guard and pommel featuring deep engravings with a gold coloured inlay.

Overall the sword is 31.5 inches, with a 9.5 inch handle allowing space for a solid one-handed grip. It’s a display item, with a semi-sharpened non-live edge terminating with an outstandingly pointed tip worthy of any good Centurion.

The sword includes a brown coloured scabbard with matching silver coloured furnishings, both eye-catching and protective.

  • Total Length: 31.5″ (80cm)
  • Blade Length: 22″ (55.9cm)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brown handle
  • Partial Tang
  • Etched, shiny blade
  • Brown scabbard
  • Decorative hardware


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