Golan Keyring Pen Knife in Blue

UK legal pen knife from Golan with attractive blue marbled polymer handle.


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Introducing the Golan Mini Marbled EDC Keyring Knife – Your Portable Cutting Companion

This tiny keyring knife by Golan is your go-to tool for quick cuts on the go. With its blade measuring under 2 inches, it complies with most UK carry regulations, making it perfect for daily adventures.

Its clip point design provides surprisingly strong slicing power for its size. The stainless steel blade, featuring a flat grind, tackles everyday tasks like opening boxes and preparing food with ease.

The marbled blue polymer handle not only looks stylish but also ensures a secure grip. Measuring just 4 inches in total, it discreetly hangs on your keychain without adding unnecessary bulk.

You can easily open and close the blade using the nail nick and slip joint mechanism, which keeps it securely in place during use.

Don’t underestimate the Golan Mini Marbled EDC Keyring Knife – it’s small but mighty, ready to assist with cutting tasks whenever you need it. Make it a part of your daily essentials; it’s too handy to leave behind.


Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Blade Length: 1.5″
Blade Thickness: 2.5mm
Handle Length: 2″
Handle Material: Polymer
Overall Length: 4″
Blade Shape: Clip Point
Blade Grind: Full Flat


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