Golan Blue Tomahawk Axe

Blue coloured Golan hand axe with black nylon sheath.


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Hack, slash and drag with this epic Golan axe / tomahawk in blue! This axe features an extremely cool dark blue coloured blade and near indestructible black polymer handle. The axe is designed for one or two handed use, ships sharp and even features a reverse spike for poking and dragging cut logs.

The main blade on this axe is an approximately 3.2″ cutting surface. It’s a wedge shape design perfect for splitting logs. At 6mm thick, it’s strong too, perfectly capable of all kinds of chopping. The axe head is heavy, you can allow it to fall into your chop improving it’s performance and limiting your effort.

Golan Blue Axe Blade Closeup

The handle on the Golan blue axe is made from a black fibreglass reinforced nylon material. It’s extraordinarily strong and practically indestructible under normal use. While we don’t recommend throwing these axes, they are capable of some light axe throwing.

On the opposite to the axe blade, you’ll find a large spike. Most useful for spiking into a cut log and dragging it along behind use. Most useful for building fires or camp shelters.


Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Blade Length: Approximately 3.2″
Axe Head Width: 7.5″
Thickness: Approximately 6mm
Handle Length: Approximately 13″
Overall Length: Approximately 15″
Blade Shape: Axe & Spike
Blade Grind: Wedge Axe
Sheath: Black Nylon
Weight: 665g


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