Gelsoft Glock pistol bb gun

Glock Gel Soft Gun

The GelSoft Glock is an iconic pistol with an incredibly comfortable design that once again offers the ability to fire in full auto mode or take more precise single shots at your target.


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GelSoft guns fire water balls that are so squidgy they ‘pop’ on impact. Because our ammo is made of water they’re super biodegradable and best of all, they’re great for the environment.

GelSoft iconic Glock pistol with watery biodegradable ammo. Polymer body and an additional torch and faux suppressor.  The gun comes with a reflex sight styled hopper that automatically feeds the ammo into the pistol. The silencer can be removed without affecting the performance.

This pistol has fully automatic firing of 4 shots per second with the option of semi-automatic fire with a quick pull and release of the trigger.

To load the ammo into this gun, remove the cap on the top of the sight and pour in your ammo. Replace the cap and it is done.

To load the battery into this gun, simply open the battery compartment under the barrel and connect the two leads, one on the battery and one inside the gun. Fit the battery into the compartment and close the opening.


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