GelSoft Blaster Gun

Gelsoft blaster gun

Featuring futuristic design the GelSoft Blaster is designed with theoretical Gauss technology possibilities in mind. It includes a respectable full auto fire rate with significant punch for both short and medium range skirmish battles.


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Space / future themed skirmish battles? Not a problem with this outstanding Blaster design! It combines a great rate of fire with a powerful punch and unrivaled accuracy in such a small, compact package. Designed for one handed use, this blaster is sure to up your skirmish game; perfect for close quarter battles and general target practice. This blaster fires safe, frangible GelSoft ammo up to 20m accurately; the ammo is biodegradable and made predominantly from water ensuring no harm to the environment. On impact the ammo ‘pops’ or ‘bursts’ with a satisfying splat of water, or just bounces off the target safely.

The GelSoft Blaster is made from durable high density polymer with full hand guard and all the extra details like faux carbon fibre and even a ring of blue LED lights! This gun is unrivaled in both appearance and performance and is sure to dominate any GelSoft battle.

To load the battery into this gun, open the catch under the barrel and LED light panel, simply connect the leads and place the battery pack inside the compartment, closing the lid after. Then you just need to switch the gun on using the red switch next to the battery compartment.

Loading the ammo is slightly different on this model. The gun features an adapter on the top that you can use to install the bottle hopper which holds a significant number of our gel ammo. Screw the bottle into the adapter and slide this onto the mounting rail on the top of the gun until it stocks in position over the loading port. You can use this bottle fox mixing the ammo too, fill it up with the dry beads, soak them for 3-4 hours and drain off the excess water before use.

The Blaster has a fully automatic firing mode but can also fire a single round with a quick press and release of the trigger. Full auto for ‘spray and pray’ action with the more accurate single shot use for target practice. The ammo loads automatically and will fire continuously in full auto (4 shots per second) or single shots.

Gelsoft blaster gun

Gelsoft blaster gunv


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