GelSoft­™ USB Chargeable Long Range Sniper

Gelsoft sniper rifle

Longer range shooting is a breeze with this Sniper King GelSoft gun!


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Longer range shooting is a breeze with this Sniper King GelSoft gun! Fully automatic firing with fantastic accuracy and a stable bipod system allows impressive unseen sniper shots like never before! This rifle fires safe, frangible GelSoft ammo up to 20m accurately and with a great rate of fire; the ammo is biodegradable and made predominantly from water ensuring no harm to the environment. On impact, the ammo ‘pops’ or ‘bursts’ with a satisfying splat of water, or just bounces off the target safely.

Another creation crafted from high-quality polymer ensuring durability and hours of fun! This gun includes incredible yellow accent design with extremely impressive looking faux muzzle break and even includes a small training/toy knife for use in close quarters battles safely! The ammo feeds directly from the scope/hopper allowing for plenty of shots before you run dry.

To load the battery into this gun, simply open the battery compartment where the cosmetic magazine sits and connect the two leads, one on the battery and one inside the gun. Fit the battery into the compartment and close the opening – it’s ready-to-use!

This Sidearm has fully automatic firing with the option of semi-automatic fire with a quick pull and release of the trigger. Full auto to unleash your watery ammo on your foes and semi-auto for more accurate, target shooting shots. To load the ammo into this gun, remove the cap on the top of the sight / hopper and pour in your ready-made ammo. Replace the cap and it’s good to go! The ammo feeds / loads automatically and fires around 4 shots per second with the option of shooting single shots.

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