FIOCCHI 9mm Blank Ammo

50x 9mm Blank Rounds in tray. Suitable for all of our 9mm blank guns.


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9mm blank ammunition for our blank firing guns / pistols. Essentially empty casings with a small amount of powder and no projectile. They make a huge bang, but without the risk of firing live rounds. Care must still be taken with this ammo as hot gasses and debris will still eject from the side/top venting ports on the guns.

This is a pack of 50 blanks suitable for both single shot and semi-auto or even full auto pistols.

Not Available to Northern Ireland due to Legal Restrictions. 

Ammunition Specification:

  • Calibre: 9mm
  • Count: 50 rounds
  • Brand: FIOCCHI
  • Centrefire Primer
  • Made in Italy
Must not be used or carried in public places. Blank rounds can still be dangerous, ensure you and others are well clear of venting port on blank guns. 

Always point the blank firing gun in a safe direction.
Wear eye and ear protection at all times.
Stay a safe distance from the vent.
Ensure gun is empty before disassembly/cleaning.

The manufacturer, distributor, and Knife Warehouse do not accept any liability for the inappropriate use of blank ammunition.




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