Camo Sniper Gel Soft Gun

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For the real hot shot is the cool water crystal firing Camo Sniper Gel Gun


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Move over BB guns, there’s a new toy in town! Try one of these water crystal blasters! They shoot tiny gel balls that you soak in water so they expand into frangible ammunition. The balls burst on impact with a tiny splat of water and completely disappear after a short while leaving no mess. This is a fantastic toy for both adults and children under supervision as they are great fun and really quite excellent toys for all ages!

This features a bright green and black camo design and fires the 11-13mm blue crystals. It has a 25m maximum range and is fully automatic too so no need to reload after each shot! The blaster comes with 2400 dry balls (Soak for three Hours before Use – They expand and are ready to use!) ammo to get you started with more available here for a very low price!

  • Camo Sniper Gel Gun
  • Torch/Laser
  • Safety Glasses
  • USB charger
  • 2400 (11-13mm) Dry Ammo

Top Up On Ammo, Only £2.99 for 2,000

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