Bushcraft Survival Catapult Knife

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This is just a must for anyone into bushcraft. This ingenious knife has a bit of everything!


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This is just a must have knife for anyone into bushcraft. This ingenious knife has a bit of everything! Firstly it is a gorgeous all black survival knife with a great rubber handle giving superb grip in any conditions. That is full tang, sharp and stainless steel. The blade is a useful 5.5 inches long.

It comes in a hard ABS case with two Velcro straps and a belt clip. This case also transforms into a powerful slingshot. The front of the case has a compartment containing the sling elastic, this compartment unclips but has ergonomic finger grooves for a comfortable, solid grip when firing your sling shot.

The case also has two knife sharpening stones (120 and 600 grit) to keep your knife in tip top condition when out in the field. On the reverse of the sheath there are 6 large stainless steel ball bearing ammo for your sling in a spring mounted case. If this wasn’t enough it also has a fire starter.

If you can’t tell already, we are very excited about this knife! Despite containing so much it is still compact enough to carry on your belt due to the clever design. Very well made, high quality & highly recommended.

  • Total Length: 10.25″ (26.1cm)
  • Blade Length: 5.5″ (14cm)
  • Knife Weight: 241g (8.5oz)
  • Total Weight : 556g (1lb 3.6oz)
  • Full Tang
  • Rubber Handle
  • Black Stainless Steel Blade
  • Firestarter
  • Catapult
  • Ball Bearing Ammo
  • 2 Grit Sharpening Stones

Anglo Arms Bushcraft Catapult Knife

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11 reviews for Bushcraft Survival Catapult Knife

  1. Alan Paterson (verified owner)

    What a quality bit of kit total surprise dfs the price point, I’m over the moon.

  2. daryl redgrift (verified owner)

    Great kit the slingshot is strong and accurate enough to be able to use with confidence the knife is sharp and has sharpening stones with it the fire starter is great and simple to use and the ergonomics of the blade and the case are great overall one of the best purchases you could make

  3. Alan Smith (verified owner)

    Being a bushcraft nut I am always on the look for the ultimate knife… This one come very close.. Strong good looking knife with a solid tang great for battening and feathering.. solid rubber handle and locks into its sheath.. The kit comes with a very good compact slingshot, strong and accurate though a little fiddle to pack away.. It also has a great slingshot ammo holder, a fire steel and knife sharpener, match strikers attached.. A must for bushcrafters….

  4. Zededd2000 (verified owner)

    This has to be the best holster I have ever had! The knife is sturdy and the full-length tang makes it feel solid and balanced.
    The knife sharpeners are good and although I have not tested the firesteel, I am pretty happy with it.
    It’s a bit tricky to back the slingshot band away and I have already managed to tear the rubber (hence why only 4 stars).
    I’m going to replace the velcro with leather and pop-studs, but that’s preference over lego.

  5. James Dawson (verified owner)

    In love with this knife! Lots of toys to play with. don’t hesitate to buy this one

  6. Oli Woodhead (verified owner)

    Awesome knife, so much gadgets

  7. John Hunt (verified owner)

    Amazing bit of kit and a must for any collector or anyone that needs a good functional knife. I ordered an extra Sling shot band and steel BBs and am glad I did. The original sling shot is still in perfect working order and has been used a lot ( nice to have a spare though ) but have used lots of bearings

  8. Richard Low (verified owner)

    What a piece of kit, Buy it right now before it either hikes up in price or sells out completely, I have many knives in my collection and this is one of the best, I haven’t tested the catapult yet but I’m sure it wont disappoint, Even the sharpening stones are mounted on the sheath so it’s better for gripping between your knees or whatever to sharpen whatever you choose, The sheath is a brilliant design and the knife locks in place so you should never lose it, The knife itself is one of the comfiest I’ve ever handled and the grip you get is really good, Get it before it’s gone.

  9. Christina Hine (verified owner)

    Love it. Really nice piece of kit. I haven’t tried the slingshot yet, but it all looks good. Nice sharp knife and a good size. Pretty much got every gadget you could wish for. A good price as well.

  10. Chris Steele-Davies (verified owner)

    Ok but as you’d expect the extra bits aren’t as good as standalone equipment, particularly the catapult which will only last a short while till it starts to crack the casing (because it can’t withstand the force required to pull back the sling) and the rubber will sometimes come off because it’s not easy to secure it well. The steel flint snapped after a while and the side sharpening stones wear down and/or get dirty quickly. The knife is decent though the handle is quite heavy which, when combined with everything on the knife, makes it quite cumbersome and only something you’d want to take on certain occasions and certainly not an EDC. Good for the price but I think only for beginners

  11. daniel hughes (verified owner)

    bought for a display knife defo looks amazing in my unit might even come out for a play every now and then

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