Black Hawk 99lb Compound Crossbow – Shoots Bolts & 8mm Steel Balls

Black Hawk 99lb Compound Crossbow

Brand new to the UK – Compound Crossbow that Shoots Tri-Fletched Bolts & 8mm Steel Balls.


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This is an amazing new compound crossbow from Armex. This bow is special because of it’s unique capability to shoot both normal crossbow bolts as well as steel balls! This bow features a manageable 99lb/45kg draw weight and can fire at an outstanding 200 feet per second/61 meters per second.

The crossbow is tactical black and comes complete with 3 bolts and 20 steel balls to get you started. The crossbow also comes with a foot stirrup for easy loading.

Measures: 98.3 x 33.2 x 13.8cm
90m Range
44cm Power Stroke
Precise/Effective Range: 60m

Fires Either Tri-Fletched Bolts or 8mm Ball Bearings:


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