70lb Fossil Compound Archery Bow – Camo

Perfect for more advanced archers, this adjustable 50-70lb compound bow gives you all the bells and whistles you need! Camo Version.



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The Bow

The Man Kung MK-NCB75GODC 70lb Fossil Compound Archery Bow (Wiki link) is an outstandingly high power professional archery bow. Where the Sonic Block lacks some of the higher tier features, the Fossil model absolutely does not! The bow is right handed, thus you hold it in your left hand and draw with the right. The grip is perfectly contoured to fit neatly into your hand and as a result, it’s comfortable to hold and great fun to shoot. Plus it’s great looks help.

The bow is capable of producing a 70lb draw, but it’s actually adjustable in steps of 5lb from 50 to 70lb. You can shoot at the lower power at first and work up to the max draw it’ll produce as you get stronger. It’s definitely a harder bow to shoot, but it’s well worth the extra effort. For example, you’ll notice it in how deeply your arrows lodge into their targets!

The Fossil compound bow comes pre-assembled and it’s ready for you to shoot right out of the box but just make sure you have an excellent backstop before you do.

The Weight

This bow is just under 2kg in weight, approximately double the Sonic Block range, but that weight is not wasted. It’s clearly reflected in the improved design and outrageous amount of power this bow produces. The entire riser is skeletonized and extremely cool looking, and more than that, this bow is as light as it is because of the clever engineering involved.

The Length

The bow measures 35″ in length and thanks to clever design, the draw length is adjustable between 25″ to 31″. You will find it easy to set up with the included instructions, it can be perfectly matched to your size. Because of this you’ll find it both comfortable and fun to shoot. The adjustability of this bow means it can be shot by a greater range of people and as such it’s a great choice for those looking for a more powerful option.

The Colour

This is the camouflage version of the Fossil Compound Bow, it’s construction mostly woodland camo with a smooth finished riser and the pressed black fibreglass limbs. The only other flash of colour to be found is on the cams which provides a great contrast and adds a more premium look overall. We also have this bow in an all black variant which you can find here.

Man Kung Fossil Right Handed Compound Archery Bow - 70lb

In the box:
The Man Kung Fossil Compound Archery Bow

Draw weight: Adjustable from 50 to 70 LBS
Let-off: 75 to 80%
Draw length: Adjustable from 63,5 to 78,7 cm (25 to 31 inch)
Velocity: 275 FPS – 84 m/s (at 70 LBS)
Weight: 1923 grams
Length: 88,9 cm
Sight Mount Thread: 3/16 UNC
Thread of arrow rest mount: 5/16 UNF
Thread of stabilizer mount: 5/16 UNF
Limbs: Fiberglass
Riser: Aluminium


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