29lb Compound Sonic Block Archery Bow

An outstanding beginner / lower draw compound archery bow with massive power and cool black tactical looks.



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The Bow

The Man Kung CB30 Sonic block compound archery bow (Wiki Link) is an excellent low to mid beginners compound bow with all the looks and features you’d expect. It lacks some of the frills found on the higher end compounds, but features all the basics you need to master to get going. It’s a right handed bow, for holding in the left hand and drawing with the right. The grip is moulded specifically for the left hand so unfortunately it’s unsuitable for traditionally left handed archers. It comes with an aluminium riser / grip, compression moulded fibre glass limbs, cable guide and an adjustable pin sight.

The Weight

It’s generally lightweight, with a light 29lb draw weight that’s definitely suited more toward beginner or younger archers. You will love how it feels in hand! While it’s still not suitable to younger teenagers – it’s easy enough to draw, but still capable of launching arrows at 129fps / 39m/s. As with all archery, a solid backstop is a must, but even more so with these compound bows!

The Length

The bow itself measures 32″ axle to axle and comes in at under 1kg, again because of this, it’s well suited to the younger or less abled shooters. Especially compared to some of the high power, high draw compounds and crossbows.  This bow works best with 26″ fibreglass arrows, luckily you get 2 in the set! It’s a must have for people looking to get into higher power compound bows.

The Colour

The bow is all black, with a tactical type appearance and really does look the part too if you’re into collecting bows! We even have this same bow in a blue colour version available here so if you prefer to stand out, that one may be more for you. The riser is smooth to the touch but contoured nicely to fit easily into your hand. The bow comes pre-assembled and ready to shoot, no need to fiddle with complicated stringing procedures.

Sonic Block Compound Archery Bow | 29lb Draw, Aluminium Riser. Includes 2x Arrows

In the box:
The Man Kung Sonic Block Compound Archery Bow | 2x 26″ Fibreglass Arrows | Armguard | Quiver | Finger Tab | Arrow Rest | Sight Pin

Material: Fiberglass
Base height: 190,5mm (7,5″)
Power: 39m/s (129 fps)
Stretch length: 660mm (26″)
Weight: 0,88kg
Tension force: 29 lbs
Length (Axle to Axle): 812,8mm (32″)
Colour: Black


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