185lb Stalker Compound Crossbow – Camo

Massive power and accuracy in this Man Kung Stalker compound crossbow. Hit your targets hard and with precision.



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The Crossbow

The Man Kung 185lb Stalker Compound Crossbow (MK-XB52GODC) is your next step up from the Frost Wolf series. This is a powerful crossbow. It features a 185lb draw weight capable of launching bolts at up to 370 feet per second. With this bow you will be sticking bolts deep into your targets with a precision that is not often seen outside of very high end professional bows.

The bow features an AR-15 style gun-stock that you can adjust to get the best sight picture through the included sight. You’ll find that the pistol/rifle grip is comfortable in hand, again similar to the popular AR-15 rifles that are so well loved around the world. Further forward you’ll notice the foregrip which is fully adjustable and can slide up and down the rail on the bottom of the bow. If that wasn’t already enough, it’s a standard rail meaning you can attach your own accessories too. A crossbow with a laser? Why not!

This is another of Man Kung’s compound crossbows – the cams at the end of the limbs make the final pull of the draw slightly easier and contribute to it’s enormous power. It includes built in string / cable dampeners that help to quiet each shot and protect the life span of the crossbow. You’ll also find a foot stirrup at the end of the barrel – it helps, but not as much as a cocking rope which we highly recommend using.

As with all powerful crossbows, a safe range and an immensely strong backstop is a must. Due to it’s power this bow can and will shoot through fences, bushes and other non-solid barriers!

The Weight

At 3.5kg in weight, it is what we’d consider to be a lightweight bow. That said, it feels incredibly luxurious, it’s balanced and mobile, easy to aim with and very accurate. The lightly skeletonized frame contributes to both looks and the weight reduction. As such this really does help with managing transport and aiming. We can’t say this enough but it really does look cool too.

The Colour

This is the camo coated version of the Stalker Compound Crossbow. It’s constructed from a black aluminium frame with camo pistol grip and bow limbs. It features a black adjustable AR-15 stock and black string cams. There is also a flash of red on the string across the section where the arrow/bolt would rest. It’s a discrete woodland bow for use where you have permission and it’s legal! (Hunting is not legal).

We also have a black version of this bow with the same specs, but a more tactical appearance.


In the box:
The Man Kung Camo Stalker Crossbow | 4×32 Rifle Scope | 4 x 20″ Bolts | Wax

Draw weight: 185 LBS (with the cocking string approximately 93 LBS)
Velocity: 370 FPS – 113 m/s
Accuracy: up to 90 meters
Weight: 3450 grams
Length: 90,8 cm
Width: 54,6 cm
Upper rail type: 20 mm Picatinny
Lower rail type: 20 mm Picatinny
Limbs: Fiberglass
Barrel: Aluminium


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