185lb Fighter Compound Crossbow – Camo

Alternative design 185lb compound crossbow with traditional open rifle stock and the usual Man Kung high performance and precision. Camo Version.



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The Crossbow

The Man Kung Camo 185lb Fighter Compound Crossbow (Wiki Link) (MK-XB86DC) is a combination of some of their other models. Basically designed for if you don’t quite like the look of the others, they’ve produced this model with similar specs as a ‘something for everyone’ approach. It’s worked.

The Fighter Crossbow is just as powerful as their other models, pulling at 185lbs or an impressive 84kg! As part of it’s design it incorporates the limb elements from the MK-XB52BK (Stalker) with a barrel similar to the MK-380. Difference wise, this one features a more traditional rifle stock with much more open design.

As for other features, the bow includes shock absorbers for the string / cables that help to reduce the loudness of each shot, plus additional dampeners on the string itself. Further, it includes the Man Kung anti-dry-fire system too so there is a much lower risk of accidentally loosing a shot without a bolt loaded in.

A foot stirrup is included at the barrel end that helps to load the bow. It’s also fully compatible with cocking ropes which give you a mechanical advantage while cocking. This significantly reduces the draw force required and makes loading it a much smoother experience. We definitely recommend using cocking rope – after you’ve tried to load it without, of course. Widely available online.

As with all powerful crossbows, a safe range and an immensely strong backstop is a must. Due to it’s power this bow can and will shoot through fences, bushes and other non-solid barriers!

The Weight

At 3.5kg in weight, it is what we’d consider to be a lightweight bow. That said, it feels incredibly strong, it’s balanced and reactive in hand, easy to aim with and very accurate. The largely skeletonized frame contributes to both looks and the weight reduction. As such this really does help with managing transport and aiming. We can’t say this enough but it really does look cool. This is a more traditional rifle stock look so is especially suited to those who are used to or prefer that kind of rifle.

The Colour

This is the camouflage version of the Fighter Compound Crossbow. It’s constructed from a black aluminium frame with camo polymer stock, grip and limbs. This is a great looking camouflage bow. Powerful, discrete in the woods (where you have permission and is legal – no hunting!) fun to use and very affordable.

We also have a black version of this bow with the same specs, but a more tactical, blackout appearance.


In the box:
The Man Kung Fighter Compound Crossbow | 2x Aluminium Bolts | Wax

Draw weight: 185 LBS (with the cocking string approximately 93 LBS)
Velocity: 370 FPS – 113 m/s
Accuracy: up to 90 meters
Weight: 3561 grams
Length: 94,0 cm
Width: 54,6 cm
Rail type: 20 mm Picatinny
Limbs: Fiberglass
Barrel: Aluminium
Colour: Camo


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