175lb Camo Frost Wolf Compound Crossbow

Ultra powerful camouflage compound crossbow from Man Kung with impressive 175lb draw and unrivalled accuracy.



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The Crossbow

The Man Kung Camo Frost Wolf Crossbow (MK-XB56GODC-KIT) kit is everything you could ever want in a bow. This bow is unbelievably powerful, with it, your bolts hit with a thud and smash their way through your targets. It’s a rifle style bow with pistol/rifle style grip and an angled foregrip that combined allow you to shoot with unrivalled accuracy.

The bow is quite long, with an overall length of 895mm or 35.2″ and a width of 460mm or 18.1″. Despite it’s size, it’s not unwieldy, it’s light (relatively) and comfortable with a weight of 3.5kg. The structure of the bow is crafted from skeletonized aluminium with the usual pressed fibreglass compound limbs.

As it’s a compound crossbow it benefits from the specialised cams that give you a slight assist near the top of the draw. It’s also equipped with string dampeners that help to quiet each shot and thankfully also includes an anti-dry-fire system that helps to prevent damage to the bow. It will not fire if a bolt is not firmly in place between the rails. You can use the foot stirrup to help load the bow, but we definitely recommend a cocking rope, as it gives you a mechanical advantage and makes drawing the cables much easier. After that, hitting the target is up to you!

As with all powerful crossbows, a safe range and an immensely strong backstop is a must. Due to it’s power this bow can and will shoot through fences, bushes and other non-solid barriers!

The Weight

At 3.5kg in weight, it is what we’d consider to be a lightweight bow. That said, it feels incredibly luxurious, it’s balanced and mobile, easy to aim with and very accurate. The skeletonized frame contributes to both looks and the weight reduction. As such this really does help with managing transport and aiming.

The Colour

This is the camo coated version of the Frost Wolf Compound Crossbow. It’s constructed from a camouflage aluminium frame with black pistol grip and rails. It features a black adjustable stock and black string cams. There is also a flash of red on the string across the section where the arrow/bolt would rest. It’s an extremely cool woodland design and definitely suited to those looking for one of the coolest bows on the market.

We also have a black version of this bow with the same specs, but a more tactical appearance.

Man Kung MK-XB56GODC-KIT Frost Wolf Compound Crossbow

In the box:
The Man Kung Camo Frost Wolf Crossbow | 4×32 Rifle Scope | 22mm Mounting Rail | 4x 20″ Aluminium Bolts | Quiver | Sling | Rail Lube | Cocking Rope

Weight: 3500g (3.5kg)
Length: 895 mm (35.2″)
Power Stroke: 14 inches
Draw Weight: 175 lbs
Safety: Yes
Axle to Axle Length: 460 mm (18.1″)
Arrow Speed: 114 m/s
Colour: Camo


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