15-70lb Mirage Adjustable Compound Archery Bow

Fully adjustable compound archery bow with massive 15-70lb draw weight variation. Incredibly cool looking bow too.



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The Bow

The Man Kung MK-CBA2GODC Mirage 15-70lb Adjustable Compound Bow (Wiki Link) is a lot of people’s dream bow. Fully adjustable in steps of 5lb from an incredibly low 15lb to a whopping 70lb draw! If you only want to buy one bow, this is the one to go for, you can start low and as you get stronger and more confident you can gradually increase the poundage as you go. It’s both lower poundage than the lower end bows, and higher than some of the higher end bows. A perfect middle ground.

Not only is it highly adjustable, but it’s also a really impressive looking bow. It’s got larger cams than the other models, a forward stabilizer and grip strap plus the usual guides and dampeners that make compound bows great. With this bow you’ll be able to step your archery up a huge amount – everything is perfectly matched to give you the best experience possible.

The frame of the bow features a cool skeletonized design. The riser is comfortable, and perfect for right handed shooters (hold the bow in your left hand). We can’t overstate how good this bow is for basically anyone thanks to it’s adjustability and performance.

This Mirage compound bow comes pre-assembled and it’s ready for you to shoot right out of the box. Just make sure you have an excellent backstop before you do.

The Weight

This bow comes in at under 2kg in weight. A little heavier than some of the other models, but still well within the comfort zone for you to hold for extended periods. The skeletonized design contributes to this nicely while also looking absolutely excellent.

Not strictly the weight itself, but the cams on this bow really do a great job of taking some of the weight off the draw. Thus allowing you to spend longer aiming and less time struggling to keep the bow ready to fire!

The Length

The bow measures 30″ in length and thanks to it’s clever design, the draw is adjustable between 19″ – 31″ (The most in all of our bows so far). You will find it easy to set up with the included instructions, and you can perfectly match it to your size. Because of this you’ll find it both comfortable and fun to shoot. Due to the adjustability of this bow it can be shot by a greater range of people. As such it’s a great choice for those looking for a ‘bow to grow with’. Or even you younger people graduating upwards from the Sonic Block basic compound bow range for example.

The Colour

This is the camo version of the Man Kung Mirage Compound Bow, it’s construction includes a fully camo coloured aluminium riser with nice smooth finish and the standard pressed black fibreglass limbs. We also have this bow in an all black version available here.

15-70lb Mirage Adjustable Compound Archery Bow

In the box:
The Man Kung Mirage Compound Archery Bow

Draw weight: Adjustable from 15 to 70 LBS
Let-off: 70 to 80%
Draw length: adjustable from 48,3 to 78,7 cm (19 to 31 inch)
Velocity: 300 FPS – 91 m/s (at 70 LBS)
Weight: 1860 grams
Length: 76,2 cm
Thread of sight mount: 3/16 UNC
Arrow rest mount thread: 5/16 UNF
Thread of stabilizer mount: 5/16 UNF
Limbs: Fiberglass
Riser: Aluminium


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