1095 High Carbon Steel Golan Katana

Sharp, affordable katana from Golan’s brand new range of hand forged swords.



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Introducing the Golan Katana – Hand Forged 1095 High Carbon Steel Sword – a masterpiece born from the fires of craftsmanship and forged with passion. This exceptional katana is not just a sword; it’s a symbol of dedication and artistry.

Crafted from the finest 1095 high carbon folded steel, each blade undergoes a meticulous process of hand forging and beating, eliminating impurities to unveil a blade of unparalleled quality. The heat tempering, carried out in the time-honored tradition, culminates in a quenching process using a harmonious blend of oil and water, resulting in a blade with a high hardness. Please note, folded steel does not mean the same thing as damascus, there is no visible pattern welding on this sword.

The 102cm katana rocks an impressive 71cm curved blade, expertly honed to a thickness of 0.75cm and a width of 3cm. The wooden handle, wrapped in genuine stingray skin (Samekawa) and finished with traditional white cotton handle wrapping (Tsukamaki), ensures a secure and comfortable grip.

With an overall length of 102cm, this katana is not merely a sword; it’s a work of art. The Hard Wood saya, Zinc Alloy Tsuba, and Zinc Alloy Fittings contribute to the katana’s aesthetic appeal, enhancing both its beauty and functionality. The intricate details of this sword make it a true collector’s item. Note the subtle colours in the saya (sheath) with decorative Japanese flower design in a deep red/brown finish.

Whether displayed proudly in your collection or wielded with precision, this Golan Katana is a testament to the legacy of the samurai spirit. Elevate your experience with this handcrafted masterpiece that transcends time and tradition – a true embodiment of the art of the katana.


Overall Length: 102cm
Blade Length: 71cm
Handle Length: 27cm
Blade Width: 3cm
Blade Thickness: 0.75cm
Blade Material: Hand Forged 1095 High Carbon Steel
Handle Material: Wood
Blade Hardness: HRC 58
Saya Material: Hard Wood
Tsuba Material: Zinc Alloy
Fittings Material: Zinc Alloy
Sageo Material: Cotton


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