£10 Mystery Knife Box – Lucky Dip

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If you like surprises then grab a mystery box from The Knife Warehouse.


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If you like surprises then grab a mystery box from The Knife Warehouse.

We guarantee the mystery knife/knives will be worth more than the box value of ten pounds. Perfect if you just can’t decide or if you are a collector.

You can add comments on checkout if there are items you already have from our range and don’t want duplicates of. Roll the dice, see what knife you get!

77 reviews for £10 Mystery Knife Box – Lucky Dip

  1. maxwoody12 (verified owner)

    Incredible value for money with this box! For just £10 you get one knife for that or more and another one for free! I absolutely love the mystery boxes on this site and will be buying more! Highly recommended!

  2. marcsarah2827 (verified owner)

    Wow, outstanding value for the money, in my mystery box i got a knife that is worth more then double the mystery box price, and got a cool little free knife too, if your unsure on what new knife to get, go for a mystery box you will not be disappointed.. it also arrived very quickly. i did an unboxing and mini review if your interested..

    • Joe Wheeler (verified owner)

      Most appreciated! The more youtube reviews the better.

  3. badboy-breezy (verified owner)

    absolutely awesome value! very pleased with my mystery box.

  4. Anthony (verified owner)

    The mystery blade is definitely worth the £10, and the freebie is a nice bonus. Delievered to my door in 3 days, amazing, I live on an island! Very, very pleased. Thank you

  5. luke (verified owner)

    Wonderful little treat for yourself or others, just about to order my fourth, have had some awesome blades that I’d never be able to splash out on otherwise and the little free knives are great additions to a collection

  6. frazer (verified owner)

    Fantastic Idea. Received mine today and i am over the moon with it. I needed a little knife for work which was perfect and the little extra makes a perfect key ring. I will be buying another one of these. I would recommend it to anyone.

  7. Tencreed (verified owner)

    I am so tempted to do a YouTube review on these knives because i ordered a box and got a 24.99 spring knife and a 5 pound back-lock knife. Its Really great!

  8. Christopher (verified owner)

    Great idea, got a good looking £12 lock knife plus a second (cheaper knife) as the gift. I will give it a go again!

  9. sebharrydavies24 (verified owner)

    Got 3 of these one for me and two for friends and I got a beautiful black and white lock knife and my freebie was a ak47 bullet knife which is great for my key ring because it’s legal carry and well my friends are now shopping online for knifes as I’m writing this so they are happy as hell.

  10. Eric (verified owner)

    This is a great surprise if you’re unsure on what to get. The knives I recieved are worth £17 so you would be daft not to give one a go. Delivery was extremely fast, arriving within 2 days of purchase. Would definitely reccomend and will certainly be purchasing again! 5*

  11. Knifecollector (verified owner)

    Love the knives love the surprise

  12. Christopher (verified owner)

    I have been buying these £10 mystery knife boxes for a while and have always received great quality knives for just £10 you can’t fault it. Love them and will be buying many more thanks knife warehouse.

  13. ian_wilkes (verified owner)

    Well nice couldn’t be happier didn’t expect the knife I got was worth 15 pound so please isn’t the word

  14. ian_wilkes (verified owner)

    Very nice couldn’t be happier didn’t expect the knife I got was worth £15 so please isn’t the word go and grab yours while you can

  15. Natalie Reeves (verified owner)

    Very good a lockable flip knife, couldn’t be happier i might order a 20 pound one

  16. Thomas Lundy (verified owner)

    I’m well pleased with this purchase as one of the knives I got is selling for £18 on here the other one is worth a fiver so all in I’ve got o ever £20 worth for just £10 I will be buying more of these without a doubt

  17. Thomas Lundy (verified owner)

    This is the second one of these I have got this time I got two Anglo arms lock knives worth over £20 now that’s wot ya call a bargain I will deffo be buying more and would recommend it to anyone who can’t decide wot knife to buy

  18. Layton Miah (verified owner)

    Amazing service, next day delivery (for me anyway), a gorgeous wooden flip knife and a smaller wooden one! The larger one was worth £11.99 and the smaller one was around £5.99 i think. Definitely good value, love the surprise element. Just ordered another one hoping for something flashy looking or a coated blade.5* all day.

  19. Ben Jardine (verified owner)

    I got a really decent flip knife, very happy with purchase. Great idea with each box giving a suprise. First time buying off this site, will definitely buy again at some point. Seen some people say they got an extra small blade, I didn’t personally I just got the one knife. Maybe the extra small knife is for longer serving customers.

    Either way I’m happy. Thank you Knife Warehouse!

  20. Gareth Owens (verified owner)

    Really nice black flip knife plus 2 freebies. Such good value and a fun suprise. Going to order the £20 box as soon as it comes back into stock!!

  21. Christian Geercken (verified owner)

    Great Box. Delivery Time is always short and with no Problems. The Value of the Mystery Box is insane! Keep it up Guys. Also got some little presents in it. Always satisfied with your Stuff!

  22. James Davis (verified owner)

    Great items yes I got two such a good site/company, great quality items and I’ll be buying many many more 10/10 would recommend

  23. neil ridgewell (verified owner)

    once again great value and great knives

  24. Glen Sutherland (verified owner)

    Really amazing value for money here recommend to anyone who likes surprises.. also the £20 lucky dip is going to be even better just ordered another one

  25. Chris Calder (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these boxes been pleased with everything that I’ve had so far.

  26. Carl Pearson (verified owner)

    Was sceptical at first I thought maybe you’d get a couple of discontinued items, but no, brilliant offer! Got 3 knives in this £10 lucky dip plus a free EDC lock knife in conjunction with another offer and was extremely impressed with the contents, over £20 worth of knives for £10! Fantastic guys, as always!

  27. Peter Shuttleworth (verified owner)

    I ordered a £10 lucky dip because I wanted to try but did not want to get crap for my money so I went for the cheapest lucky dip but wow first it came really fast and I got a very nice ANGLO ARMS knife along with a UK legal EDC knife that I really like. Both knifes together on the site work out at around £22 and I only payed £10 lol so i cant wait to see what i get when i order a £20 luck dip.

  28. James, Ryan McLaughlin (verified owner)

    I’ve got to admit I absolutely love these boxes. You always end up with an intresting addition to your collection. Well worth it.

  29. Max Hill (verified owner)

    I got a Gerber and 2 small knifed. The Gerber is worth well over £10 on it’s own. I ordered it yesterday and it came today. Awesome company.

  30. Leon Rainey (verified owner)

    Got a nice GERBER knife that I haven’t seen anywhere on the website

  31. Kyle Downie (verified owner)

    Well worth the money paid!! I received a lock knife, a folding knife, an EDC knife and a wine bottle opener. Checked on the site and this was worth almost £30! Incredible value for your money.

  32. tanya beeney (verified owner)

    absolutely fantastic value for money! excellent variety of pieces and brilliant customer service, ive been kept up to date at every stage of the order process, will be ordering again and recommending to friends! 5 stars is not enough

  33. Connor-James Hurst (verified owner)

    Amazing value for money I recieved a £16.99 knife plus a smaller one worth around £5

  34. Connor-James Hurst (verified owner)

    Second box of these I have purchased and wasn’t disappointed well worth the money

  35. Christian Turnbull (verified owner)

    Amazing, ten pound I got the white lion folding knife, an Anglo Arms lock knife AND a small knife keyring. Probably close to 30 pounds worth. Will be buying again!

  36. nathaniel marshall (verified owner)

    Box contained several great items, in total worth nearly double the price of the mystery box

  37. Luke Norwood (verified owner)

    Was unsure of what to buy so i purchased this and was not dissapointed, nice blade and comes with a little freebie aswell. Would reccomend

  38. Simon Berry (verified owner)

    I thought I’d take a punt on this when I got the email and I’m glad I did, I didn’t express any preferences and got the surprise pack the next day, cracking EnZo Necker with sheath and a good Gerber lock – prices of these on any website is many times what I paid, even found a xmas cracker mini-lock in the bag too, don’t know how they do it but thanks.

    • Joseph Wheeler (verified owner)

      Well done Simon! To be clear that was a special bundle and not every lucky dip is as generous. We have been throwing in expensive knives into the mix and it is at random they get sent. All pre-bagged and sealed. You got a bargain Simon.

  39. Jonathon Solway (verified owner)

    Ordered one of these mystery boxes and received a £15 survival knife and a keychain freebie knife as well, well worth the money . As always very fast delivery

  40. Rosie Beets (verified owner)

    Great knife

  41. Bryan Wilson (verified owner)

    Tenner well spent

  42. Liam Barrick (verified owner)

    pleasantly surprised 🙂 . I received a Boker usmc digi camo framelock which by itself was worth it, let alone the partially serrated multi tool I also received . Wasn’t expecting that level of customer service & near enough next day delivery , thank you!! kwh jw

  43. Jessica Richardson (verified owner)

    ABSALOUTE BARGAIN! Will deffinetly be buying more. Really high quality knives and great customer service. You’ve gained a new customer.

  44. Scott Loader (verified owner)

    I’ve bought mystery knives before from other sites and they’ve been “ok” but nothing I was overly chuffed with. This one however, wow. I got a great knife that’s worth over double the value and a cool little throwing/boot knife thrown in. I’ll definitely be buying more and I’ve alrady referred my friends.

    All in all, absolute bargain!

  45. Stuart mcginn (verified owner)

    A great idea if you want to add to your collection but can’t decide on what to buy.
    Ended up with a lovely little lock knife, a pocket folding knife and also a throwing knife and I’m really pleased with them all.
    I wouldn’t hesitate to buy again

  46. Jack Patterson (verified owner)

    I can see why this is so popular, mine arrived today and I’m not disappointed, amazing value for money and great quality knives, highly recommend.

  47. David Harrison (verified owner)

    Great knife like the mystery box will get more.

  48. daryl redgrift (verified owner)

    Perfect for somebody who is unsure about what to get. The box came early the next day with a gorgeous knife and with a free little knife inside as well i would have paid more for that alone nevermind a nice little one with it will definitely be getting another or maybe go for the £20 one to see that one. This is worth it

  49. George Connop (verified owner)

    Very Good, have bought 2 already and will be getting more, very happy.

  50. Matthew Fletcher (verified owner)

    Awesome very happy

  51. Joshua Hodsell (verified owner)

    Mind blown, 3 throwing knives for this price. They feel amazing to hold brilliantly balanced. Cant go wrong with this mystery box. Highly recommend if you like surprises

  52. Paul Cunningham (verified owner)

    I ordered 3 different mystery boxes the 20, 10 and the lock knife out of the 3 this was by far the best I received an Anglo arms carbon fiber knife worth over £20 so 100% worth buying

  53. Shaun Frith (verified owner)

    Amazing, 1st time customer and couldn’t be happier. Mystery box with a knife worth double the value and WOW the knifes beautiful excellent start to my collection. Thank you very much 100% will order again. Maybies right now!!!!!

  54. stuart bingley (verified owner)

    Fantastic deal very surprised to find a£20.00 Carbon fibre knife by anglo arms in the box. Super knife Super deal. I will definitely be ordering another mystery box. many thanks and best wishes.

  55. Shaun Frith (verified owner)

    Sorry had to leave another review, ordered another mystery box monday morning, arrived tuesday morning. Amazing service and once again amazing deal cannot thank you enough. Collection starting nicely just wish I could order every day!!!!!

  56. John Molloy (verified owner)

    I’m very pleased with the mystery box, arrived in the post quick and received two awesome knives.
    Thank you. I’ll buy another Mystery Box d again definitely, cheers.

  57. Carl Hughes (verified owner)

    After reading the reviews I was quite content with making my first purchase a £10 mystery box to start because I had seen a lot of people receiving 1 main knife and 1/2 other smaller and edc knives, I was a bit disappointed to only receive 1 knife that was of average quality, other than that shipping was excellent

  58. Daniel Rumsey (verified owner)

    Disappointed to miss out on the 2-knife guarantee which was emailed just after I ordered lol xD….still, I got the Batman Dual Bladed Lock Knife which was a nice surprise. Not into Batman stuff typically but it’s a nice one to start my collection off. Excellent customer service too and quick delivery! Will definitely be ordering again..

    • Joe Wheeler

      Did you get just one knife Daniel? If so, next time you order drop me an email and I will make sure a freebie is in the parcel.

  59. David Ross (verified owner)

    Just received my mystery box there. Very impressed the knife is worth more than the £10 and not something I’d usually go for in all honesty but now seeing it in person the pics don’t do it justice! Also a lovely a wee edc knife to add to my collection. Brilliant service and fast delivery.

    • Joe Wheeler

      What did you get out of curiosity David?

  60. Richard Budd (verified owner)

    Was ok got 2 lock knives for £10 not bad at all and and a pen and the knives would have been about £8 each so very good will buy again

  61. Bradley Redmond (verified owner)

    Never thought I’d see/hear myself say this but I am rather disappointed, I’ve bought 3 of these this month and they’ve all been the same knife and my freebie smells like damp.

  62. Bradley Redmond (verified owner)

    And within a few hours my issue is resolved. That there is another reason this website is Amazing.

  63. Benjamin Bartley-Lozynsky (verified owner)

    Waited a little while for this to become available, pleasantly surprised when I ordered came within 2 days! Got a knife worth £20! Would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to try a lucky dip

  64. Robert Findlay (verified owner)

    The lucky dip was great as I received two great knives, a proper hunting one, and a little pocket one. Very handy to have both, it’s just a bit of fun during the lockdown for the sake of a tenner. Thanks.

  65. Christopher Hodgson (verified owner)

    Came the next day , not sure what knife I got but it has what looks like a Spider-Man design and it’s all black and locks in place , very sharp , even shaved the hair of my leg , came with a little maybe 2 inch Anglo arms folding knife witch is very sharp too! Well with a tenner , will be bying agility , also the light you sent as the little thing with your details on is extremely bright , next time I’ll try not to blind myself

  66. Aaron Mcbride (verified owner)

    Cracking value and loved what I received! Will definitely be back !!

  67. Callum Berry (verified owner)

    Ordered 2 of these mystery knife boxes. Received 5 knives in total. 2 are exactly the same. 2 are so similar that they may as well be the same and the 5th one is different. Rated low because i received practically the same thing twice! Was going to order 5 of these to restart my collection but definitely wont be ordering again. Nothing wrong with the knives that i did receive but if you order 2 boxes you don’t want the same items in both.

  68. John Robson (verified owner)

    Basically you cannot go wrong , for my £10 I received 3 pocket knives and a small jotter that my partner has taken a liking to , excellent

  69. Nigel Collins (verified owner)

    I brought 2 mystery boxes, (well more of a heavy duty by to be precise!) On had a sticker on it saying £10 lucky dip! So I opened that one and kept the blank one for part of my son’s birthday present (don’t worry he’s 24!). And WOW, I’m impressed! A quality 3.5″ lockknife, a 2.75″ folding pocket knife, a slightly smaller key ring knife and an anglepoise led light based on a 410 shotgun cartridge. I’m well chuffed and thinking of an excuse for me to buy more! Well when they are back in stock!!!!!!

  70. Nigel Collins (verified owner)

    Auto correct strikes again! Heavy duty by should say heavy duty BAG!

  71. Trevor Dench (verified owner)

    Love both knives and a case.
    Well worth the £10 will definitely buy another

  72. Michael Bailey (verified owner)

    Ordered this on a whim item came quickly even over the may bank holidays no additional supprises in the box but the knife in the box was listed at 20 quid so very happy and have ordered another one already this may become a habit

  73. georgeaug62000 (verified owner)

    Really enjoying the mystery boxes, got a £20 one and couldn’t resist getting another £10! This box had a nice rainbow patterned stilleto knife and a little multi-tool to go with it. I definitely plan on getting more in the future, and I’m sure I’ll be as satisfied as I am now with the process every time.

    Great buy. 🙂

  74. david.blind20 (verified owner)

    ordered on the weekend of coronation , arrived on the following tues , great service , was pleasantly suprised to find a lovely MTech USA Lock Knife Multi-Tool inside , very useful piece of equipment , will definitly order more of them , keep up the good work

  75. Kade Lionel (verified owner)

    My parcel came

  76. david.blind20 (verified owner)

    next item arrived , was suprised at the anglo arms rosewood lock knife , lovely design , nice weight , will be ordering more boxes at some point

  77. mortimerjr (verified owner)

    Never ordered from you guys before but decided to say what the hell on the last mystery box, was very pleased with what i received, still carry it every day

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