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Man Kung Archery Bows and Crossbows

Man Kung Crossbows & Archery | New and exciting bows and crossbows from Man Kung! Just in, hot off the press and ready to fire right out of the box. Knife Warehouse is proud to present the new range of Man Kung equipment. Set to take the UK by storm, the new range is everything we had ever hoped for in archery. The range includes a little of everything, low power through high power with every single step in-between. The perfect kit for starting out, improving or perfecting your archery.

Man Kung – Company Info:

Founded in 2012, Man Kung first jumped into the archery scene from a place called Hurdegaryp, a city in the north of the Netherlands near Leeuwarden. The company is part of the larger group Mirito Outdoor B.V who have been around for ever longer. Shortly after Man Kung’s founding, they begin selling mail order products via the Mirito website. Gradually perfecting their products and gaining quite a following. As time passed they begin to focus more definitively on the distribution of Man Kung archery equipment.

Starting in 2014 they decided to open their main Man Kung website which operated in Dutch until 2017 when they opened their first English speaking website. Until now, most of their sales has been on the continent, with a few bits and pieces here and there across the UK. We’re hoping we can break them further into the UK market than ever before. For good reason too – their bows are incredible!

Man Kung Bows

The first of the two main Man Kung categories is their bows. The kind you hold in one hand, draw and fire with the bow vertical. Just like back in the day before firearms existed! Often considered to be much more of a skill than crossbows, these traditional bows are fun. They take a great deal of skill to accurate aim and shoot and it often feels more rewarding than just pulling the trigger on a crossbow.

Man Kung’s bows come in all the usual styles, from traditional recurve to insane, complicated compound bows. True marvels of engineering capable of taking your shooting to the next level. All of their equipment is of exceedingly high quality, yet, they manage to stay at a completely affordable price point.

Man Kung Recurve Bows

The recurve is your traditional “this is a bow” kind of bow. Just like you’d imagine a rider on horseback shooting. So much so in fact, that they are sometimes called horse bows for this very reason. The defining feature of a recurve bow is that the tips curve away from your body when it’s unstrung. These kinds of bows store and deliver their energy more efficiently than the straight limbed versions such as the English Longbow. They can impart a greater level of energy onto your arrows, and as an added bonus, can be much shorter. We typically recommend these for first time archers!

Man Kung Camouflage Recurve Bow

Man Kung Compound Bows

This is where things get technical! Compound bows are humanities next step in bows. Using cutting edge materials, these bows are designed to be lightweight, insanely powerful and super easy to shoot. Their main feature is the cams. These are small wheels on the ends of the bow limbs that connect the string of the bow to a set of cables. Simply, these cams mean that once the bow is about 75% drawn, the cams start to take the weight of the draw. Meaning that both the final pull and holding the shot in place are significantly easier. This gives you, the archer, a moment to take a breath, aim and fire without struggling to hold the bow in the ready position.  These bows are often recommended to more advanced shooters who already have the fundamentals in place.

horn 30-70lb Adjustable Compound Archery Bow - Camo

Man Kung Crossbows

Crossbows are a whole other level of archery. Take your bow, turn it sideways and stick a stock and trigger onto it and suddenly you have a crossbow. Where with regular bows you have to hold the string pulled back, with crossbows it just clicks into place when drawn and holds itself there until you’re ready to fire. You can aim along the sights and when you’re ready – just slightly pull the trigger. Because of the relative ease of aiming and the outrageous amount of power they can produce, they’re often used for hunting in certain countries where the practice is legal (It’s not here).

However, here in the UK they’re exclusively used for target shooting. They can fire over impressively long ranges, hut incredibly hard, and generally be a really good fun practice to shoot. With some of the high end crossbows, you can be so accurate that even novice shooters stand a reasonably chance of hitting the mythical Robin Hood trick shot – where you shoot one arrow straight into the back of another, fusing them together.

Crossbows are very similar to the regular archery bows in that they come in both recurve and compound variants that work in much the same way as their standard bow equivalent sharing in the benefits of both.

175lb Frost Wolf Compound Crossbow

If you’re interested – you can find the full range here!

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