Legal Information

Legal Information on Buying/Selling & Use of Knives,Crossbows & Airsoft Products  

At & we sell crossbows, BB guns, Knives & Straight Swords these are not classed as firearms and so are legal and details can be found below.

We no longer sell air rifles or realistic imitation firearms. Under the new laws it is legal to sell obviously unrelaistic bb guns if the material is transparent or brightly coloured. All of our guns come either clear, blue or red & therefore comply fully with the VCR act.

It is legal to own a crossbow in the UK if you are over 18, however it is illegal to hunt any live animal with one, even rats, pests etc.

We have also discontinued our Samurai Sword range. However the sale of straight and not curved swords is legal now and we will sell some display versions of these in the future.

Swords that are hand forged are legal in the UK also, we will have a couple of models of high quality handmade swords in the near future.

Remember that all these products can be great fun if used responsibly, but they also have the potential to cause serious injury. Please use all protective equipment, and practise in a safe environment.

We have managed to find some useful legal information from BASC (British Association for Shooting and Conservation), so please feel free to download and print this information.







It is illegal to sell knives, swords or crossbows to anyone less than 18 years of age

We can not and will not sell to under 18’s. If you are underage please do not attempt to purchase from us as your order will be cancelled.

To avoid selling any age restricted items to people under 18 we take several precautions. Our payment processing service RBS Worldpay do not accept pre-paid credit cards which are available to under 18’s. Our Paypal account is also set to only accept payment from those over 18.

We are also subscribed to where we can check by customers name and address that they are over 18. If you are not on the public version of the electoral register we will need to request ID. 95% of all people in the UK are on the electoral roll.

You can email a scan or picture of your driver’s license, passport or your UK Proof of Age Card (PASS Card) to We do not keep personal details on record and any ID you send us will be deleted once your age is confirmed.

You will only need to do this once for your first order.